Wrongful Death

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Have you lost a loved one due to the actions of law enforcement or employees of our penal system? If so, then you may have the grounds to hold the guilty parties responsible and recover damages for your loss. These kinds of deaths do not only occur due to the grievous wrongdoings of individuals, but may also constitute a civil rights violation. At Keffer Barnhart LLP, our dedicated Indianapolis civil rights lawyers are well-versed in holding institutions responsible for these kinds of failings and can ensure that every avenue towards holding them accountable is aggressively pursued.

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Why did the death occur?

Unlike other wrongful death claims that can single out a citizen or a private company for negligence, civil rights suits target the very institutions whose responsibility is to keep us safe. When the actions of a police officer or a prison guard (or staff) lead to the death of a citizen, suspect, or inmate, a civil right has been violated and legal action is called for.

Wrongful death claims on these grounds can occur when:

  • Police officers use lethal force when it was not called for
  • Police officers use excessive force
  • Law enforcement's response to a crisis puts others in danger
  • Prison management fails to provide medical treatment to an inmate
  • Prison guards use excessive force
  • Prison management participates in inhumane or negligent practices
  • Retaliation by police officers or corrections officers

If you believe that these circumstances contributed to the death of your loved one, then our firm is ready to hear from you. Nothing can take back the pain and loss associated with the death of a victim, but the gravity of these avoidable tragedies can be compellingly put forth before our courts. Our team is prepared to do this on your family's behalf and ensure that the memory of your loved one receives every consideration it deserves.

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