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For a number of divorce matters, factors are clear cut and concise. Matters are often resolved without any additional difficulties. However, there are times when the question of paternity comes into play and issues can become even more contentious than normal. Paternity is not always put into question, but there are times when individuals use paternity in a matter of child custody or support to determine if the father – or supposed father – does have to, in fact, provide care.

At Keffer Barnhart LLP, we are dedicated to helping parents find the answers for which they are searching. Establishing paternity is just part of this process. When a mother seeks to confirm paternity of a father, it is often due to child bonding or support. Every child deserves the right to bond with both parents, and establishing the paternal father goes a long way in making this happen. Paternity can also be used to help establish a form of support for the child. For a father seeking paternity, it is usually in relation to forming a bond with the child and seeking custody rights.

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How is paternity established?

Paternity is established in a number of ways, including:

  • Acknowledgement of paternity
  • Signing of the birth certificate
  • Declaration of paternity
  • DNA test

After paternity is established, the remaining issues can be addressed. This could mean the father seeking custody or parenting time, or the mother seeking support. Our Indianapolis divorce attorneys can assist in these legal matters to help individuals reach favorable resolutions. We always focus on the best interests of the child involved and we firmly believe so long as a situation is safe and healthy for the child, a bond with both parents should be established.

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