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Keffer Barnhart LLP Files Suit on Behalf of Former IMPD Officer

On Tuesday, former Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officer Jack Rebolledo filed suit in federal court against two ranking IMPD officers: Lieutenant Terry Eden and Commander Thomas Koppel. In his complaint, Mr. Rebolledo – now, a reserve army officer – asserts that in December of 2010, Lt. Eden and Cmdr. Koppel improperly ordered his personal firearms seized by IMPD without justification. This seizure was believed to have occurred following a domestic disturbance dispatch to Rebolledo's home, which was called-in by Rebolledo's ex-wife (a former IMPD civilian employee). Officers entered Rebolledo's home and his firearms were taken to IMPD's property room and not returned until approximately two and a half months later. When Rebolledo requested on the scene that his firearms be returned, Lt. Eden told Rebolledo, "sue me."

"Mr. Rebolledo's suit asserts that Lieutenant Eden and Commander Koppel's actions constituted a violation of his federal and state constitutional rights," stated Scott Barnhart, attorney for Jack Rebolledo. "Specially, our complaint details violations of Mr. Rebolledo's right to be keep and bear arms, and to be free from unreasonable search and seizure."

Once served with the complaint, Lieutenant Terry Eden and Commander Thomas Koppel have twenty-one (21) days per federal rule to formally respond to Mr. Rebolledo's allegations.