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Blog Posts in September, 2017

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  • Contingency Mediation
    Contingency Mediation

    In the personal injury world, the words almost seem ubiquitous, “No Recovery, No Fee.” That is, a client that engages an attorney in a personal injury or other matter is not charged for his or her ...

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  • Posner Protests Over Pro Se Litigants
    Posner Protests Over Pro Se Litigants

    This month, Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner announced his retirement from the Court. He made his announcement in a letter, which asserted that his retirement was due to “clashes with his fellow ...

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  • Attenuation Doctrine
    Attenuation Doctrine

    What happens when police perform a stop or a search that is violation of the Constitution? In many instances, that evidence or the “fruits” of that stop or search is excluded as evidence and cannot be ...

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