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What happens if you're not read your Miranda rights?

When an individual is subject to custodial interrogation, that means that they're in the custody of law enforcement, and are being asked questions by law enforcement, they must be read their Miranda warnings before any of those statements are admitted to trial.

Now, law enforcement and prosecutors could forego admitting individual statements against them, and as a result, they would forego any need to read Miranda warnings. Often times individuals lose focus. They focus on the absence or presence of Miranda warnings instead of looking at the case in its totality.

This is why an experienced criminal defense attorney is so important. Not just to have the law explained to you, and not just to understand the intricacies of the law and its application to your case, but to also see the whole criminal case, the entire picture, and to be able to represent you, and to see all aspects of a criminal prosecution when preparing your defense.

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