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Victim of Sexual Abuse or Misconduct?

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Every state has criminal laws that define and punish sexual offenses. When these occur, law enforcement will typically pursue the offender and, if that offender is caught, they will face criminal penalties in a court of law. However, sometimes when a sexual offense occurs, it’s part of a larger, systematic failure by institutions that should have taken measures to prevent any such conduct from happening in the first place. When this occurs, it is possible to take civil action against these entities and pursue relief appropriate for your pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual abuse or misconduct, then it is time to speak with a proven, trusted, and aggressive Indianapolis civil rights attorney. At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, our clients can trust that our team will make their voices heard. We do not just diligently pursue compensation, but act as advocates—both in and out of court—for victims who have suffered undue harm because of the wrongdoing of others.

It is possible to put this troubling time behind you with the relief and dignity you deserve. Contact us today to start exploring your legal options.

Common Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Claims

When taking civil action following an incident of sexual abuse or misconduct, the suit will typically address those who were not directly involved with the incident, but nonetheless share responsibility for it occurring. These suits are usually taken against not just against one individual but a larger body whose actions, policies, and negligence led to a violation of your rights.

Common types of civil sexual abuse and misconduct claims are brought against:

  • A law enforcement agency
  • A probation or parole department
  • A corrections or community corrections department
  • A religious institution
  • A public school district, university, or college
  • An employer

If you believe that one of these parties fostered an environment, the circumstances, or the actions of the abusing individual, then our firm is ready to hear from you. Our award-winning team of former Deputy Prosecutors believes that when the system fails an individual, not only does that failure needs to be addressed by the law, but that the victim's burdens need to be accounted for.

The violation of your rights should not stand. Contact our team today to request a free consultation.

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