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You May Still Have Options After Sentencing. Contact Our Firm to Explore the Opportunities Available to You.

After You Have Been Sentenced

Advocacy from a Proven Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer

For most people, the end of a criminal trial comes after a decision is rendered and either an acquittal or a sentence is handed down. However, when a guilty verdict occurs, those accused often still have several options to assert their innocence, protest mistakes made in court, and have their voice heard.

At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, we recognize that our justice system is not perfect and sometimes additional efforts are required to ensure that the accused are properly considered by the court. That is why, unlike many other criminal defense firms, we are proud to offer a number of post-conviction services to those who have been sentenced.

Whether we stood with you in your initial trial, or you are looking for new representation following your conviction, our team has knowledge and experience to continue fighting for you, even if you have been found guilty.

If you would like to explore what action you can take to alter the outcome of your case, then call us to speak to a trusted Indianapolis criminal defense attorney now.

Continuing to Take Action

No two criminal cases are alike and every client has different needs following a conviction. At our firm, we are prepared to take numerous actions to keep your case active and eligible for reconsideration.

Following sentencing, Keffer Hirschauer LLP may be prepared to:

  • File a criminal appeal to have your case reconsidered in appeals court.
  • Petition for post-conviction relief if an error was made in your case.
  • Formally request a sentence modification if your sentence was unduly harsh.
  • Approach the parole board to issue a pardon.

None of these actions are particularly easy—once a conviction is reached, tenacious effort must be taken to convince officials that a reconsideration should be made. However, with dedicated legal representation, your lawyer can diligently do the legwork for you, so you do not have to wonder if your case will be forgotten.

We're ready to hear your story.

If you or a loved one has been sentenced and you are still interested in taking action to amend the result of the case, then it is time to call us Keffer Hirschauer LLP. Our compassionate and devoted legal team is ready to review your case and determine what options are available to keep pursuing the best possible outcome.

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