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The act of battery is a violent offense. Not to be confused with assault—which deals with threats of violence—battery requires actual and unwanted physical contact between parties. Indiana Code 35-42-2 officially defines battery as touching another person in a manner that is considered "rude, insolent, or angry." This may sound like a simple charge to define in court, but under Indiana law, there are many different factors to consider when determining the seriousness of a battery charge.

If you have been charged, then it is highly recommended that you contact competent legal counsel at once. At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, our team of driven defense litigators also has experience as former prosecutors. We know how the state will aggressively attempt to prosecute those accused of these offenses and what tactics can be taken to defeat them both in and out court.

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Misdemeanor vs Felony Charges

The severity of your battery charge depends on a number of different factors. Depending on these, your charge may be considered a misdemeanor or it may be considered a felony.

Key factors in determining a battery charge include:

  • Whether the victims was younger than 14 years old
  • Whether the victim was a police officer, corrections officer, or fireman
  • Whether the victim was a school employee or a healthcare provider
  • Whether the victim was in the accused's care
  • Whether the victim has a physical or mental disability
  • Whether the battery results in serious bodily injury
  • Whether the battery is committed with a deadly weapon
  • Whether the accused is 18 years old or older
  • Whether the victim is pregnant
  • Whether the battery results in the death of an endangered adult
  • Whether the accused has been charged with battery against the victim before

Once these key factors are identified, a battery charge can range from a Class B misdemeanor to a Class A felony and carry a varied spectrum of penalties. A charge of domestic battery or other circumstances of your violent crime charge can also affect the possible consequences. To learn more about what specific penalties you might be facing, call us at Keffer Hirschauer LLP today.

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