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Criminal Forfeitures in Indiana

What is criminal forfeiture?

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, then it is important for you to understand criminal forfeitures. In the state of Indiana, any assets that were obtained through criminal activity, or as a result of criminal activity, can be legally seized by the government. Unfortunately, there are many situations where this seizure of property is used as a form of punishment against an alleged criminal.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime such as drug dealing, fraud, or crime involving a vehicle, you could be faced with the criminal forfeiture of your property. Contact the Indianapolis defense attorneys at Keffer Hirschauer LLP to learn about your rights and options.

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Protecting Your Assets in Criminal Cases

Government officials have seized homes, cars, businesses, and many other things in criminal cases before. Your livelihood could be threatened during these criminal proceedings, and because of this, you could face long-term repercussions even if you are not convicted of any crime.

You need an attorney on your side who knows how to work effectively to prevent the seizure of your assets. As an American citizen, you have the right to protection from unlawful search and seizure, and our firm will work aggressively to ensure that this is not violated.

Throughout our years of service to Indianapolis residents, we have handled many cases where our clients were facing various criminal charges that threatened their assets. Our legal team has helped to protect the livelihood and the future of our clients on numerous occasions, and we can implement these strategies in your case.

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