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Child Support Rulings Should Change with New Circumstances. Contact Our Firm If You Are Interested in Seeking a Modification.

Modification of Child Support Orders

Our trusted Indianapolis divorce lawyers can assist you

Have your circumstances radically changed? Do you believe you're paying more child support than is legally required of you? If either of these are true, then it may be time to seek a modification of your child support orders. At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, our dedicated Indianapolis divorce attorneys know how sensitive child support matters are, but always provide the needed guidance and advocacy our clients need to rectify their issues. As proven litigators, we are prepared to aggressively fight on your behalf and ensure that your best interests are looked after.

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When are modifications permitted?

The state of Indiana takes child support very seriously. These calculations are made with the best interests of the children in mind and for a modification to be approved, ample reason must be given.

Generally speaking, there are two scenarios in which a modification of child support can be permitted: when there is a significant and continuing change in the paying parent's circumstances or when a standing child support order is at least 20% lower or 20% higher than required by state law.

Some common factors that constitute a change in circumstances:

  • Loss of employment
  • Serious illness of a parent or child
  • Remarriage of the custodial parent
  • A significant change in the child's needs
  • A significant change in the cost of living
  • A change in the custody arrangement

If you believe that you have a legitimate reason to petition for a change of your child support orders, then Keffer Hirschauer LLP is ready to hear from you. Whether you’re a paying parent dealing with hardship or a custodial parent who believes that more payment is needed, our compassionate professionals are ready to assess your circumstances and help you take the next steps towards establishing a fair and sustainable support arrangement.

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