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At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, our Indianapolis family law attorneys are skilled in handling matters related to guardianship. A guardian is an individual who is appointed as the responsible party either for an individual who has been deemed incapacitated, or a minor child.

The guardian is often responsible for major decisions regarding the individual or child, such as finances and healthcare. Guardians are often listed in wills and trusts, but matters can become contentious if there were no legal documents stating the party or position.

There are multiple types of guardians, including but not limited to:

  • Limited guardian – This is an individual who doesn’t have full or permanent decision-making abilities or care over a minor.
  • Healthcare representative – If for any reason an individual is unable to make decisions regarding their own healthcare, this representative is given the power.
  • Co-guardian – It is entirely possible for more than one person to be appointed as a guardian for an individual or minor. These individuals will share the decision-making abilities.

Legal Issues Related to Guardianship

In the event there is an individual who doesn’t have a will or trust – or any other legally binding document – naming a guardian, matters can become troublesome. A court may appoint a guardian for the individual or child, but others may feel that this isn’t the best choice. If you are involved in a guardianship dispute, it is important to retain legal representation as soon as possible.

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Whether you are seeking to contest a guardianship, or you want to protect your rights as a guardian, we can provide the results-driven, experienced representation you need. We understand the legalities regarding guardianship and can help you seek a favorable result so you can care for your loved one.

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