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Uncontested Divorce Is an Expedited & Easier Divorce Process. Work with Our Experienced Family Law Attorneys to Reach Amicable Solutions.

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Learn about your uncontested divorce options.

It's normal to dread the divorce process—not just because of the emotional turmoil it can involve, but because of the protracted courtroom rigmarole, and legal documents, that are usually required to legally dissolve a marriage. Because of this, more and more couples are electing to file for an uncontested divorce.

This process, which can yield significant advantages for the couple, still requires careful navigation and filing, or “pleading,” from each party.

At Keffer Barnhart LLP, we embrace practical legal options that mean better, more efficient legal solutions for our family law clients, uncontested divorces included. Our compassionate and experienced Indianapolis divorce attorneys are ready to represent you during this process, protect your interests, and ensure that the courts receive all the necessary documentation to dissolve your marriage.

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Why uncontested divorce?

Uncontested divorce can occur when a couple can approach the court in agreement about the terms of their divorce. Means that all matters—spousal support, child custody, property division and others—have been resolved between the couple. This is usually done privately between the couple while accompanied by their respective representation.

The benefits of uncontested divorce include:

  • Amicability: courtroom divorces are almost designed to be adversarial. Uncontested divorce allows a couple to find common ground and collaborate on their agreement.
  • Efficiency: completing an uncontested divorce is significantly quicker than other contested divorces that require court intervention.
  • Flexibility: because is negotiating their own terms, a couple can also set the schedule and do not have to adhere to court dates.
  • Cost: because uncontested divorces are usually quicker and don't involve so many court fees, they are markedly cheaper for the couple.
  • Easier on children: if there are children involved, the reduced conflict and reduced time to complete the divorce can also benefit them and their best interests.

Do I need an attorney?

Technically speaking, you do not require legal representation for an uncontested divorce—however it is highly advised that you do. This process still requires careful negotiation of various issues or matters with your spouse over the post-marriage arrangements that could affect your life for years to come. On top of ensuring that your interests are looked after during the process, proper counsel can help you file the necessary, carefully completed paperwork with the court to ensure the legal process is completed as assuredly and swiftly as possible.

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