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Handgun Licenses & Handgun License Appeals

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In order to legally carry a handgun on your person in the state of Indiana, you must first obtain the proper legal documents. Licenses to carry handguns allow individuals to carry handguns within the state and to fully exercise their right to own firearms. If you are an applicant seeking a license and you were denied, an attorney from Keffer Hirschauer LLP may be able to help you!

A representative from our firm can work with you to appeal the denial and help you in the process of trying to obtain a license to carry in Indiana. It is important that you work with an Indianapolis attorney from our team soon though because you may only have 30 days to appeal in some instances and 60 days to appeal in others. You should act quickly so that you do not waive any of your rights!

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Obtaining a License: How We Can Help

The first step to obtaining a license is to submit an application to the superintendent of the Indiana State Police. Upon review, if an individual is found to be a proper person with a good character and reputation, he or she will be granted a license; most individuals are issued licenses.

Convicted felons, including people convicted of certain misdemeanor charges, will be denied licenses. If you were denied a license and you are not a convicted felon but are a person of good standing and moral character, our firm can help you appeal the denial to obtain a license to carry.

Determining Your Eligibility for a License to Carry

In many cases in which a denial has been issued, it is simply because the applicant did not provide necessary paperwork to prove that he or she is a person of good standing. Sometimes, a denial can be reversed simply by resubmitting the application with the proper paperwork, medical documents, or other materials necessary to complete the process successfully.

If you have been denied a license or you are interested in obtaining a handgun license, you need to contact an Indianapolis lawyer from our team as soon as possible. We can use our experience and knowledge of the various Indiana laws regarding weapons and licenses to help you obtain the best possible resolution to your case.

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